Our solutions

1. Design Sprints

Create business opportunities for your biggest challenges in just five days!

The Design Sprint encapsulates our well known five day pressure cooker sessions in our Sprint Arena in Amsterdam (or at another location). Your team will be guided by our sprint coaches to interview customers, solve big problems, prototype and test new ideas with in just five days. You will make large jumps that seem unthinkable in the current business climate.

Our approach focusses on Problem Solving Team Building (PSTB). PSTB manages resistance to change as the steps encourage involvement, inclusion and rapid progress. While working on your biggest challenges, you will strengthen the ties within your team and create key alliances between members from various departments. Life will never be the same!

2 Inspiration Journeys

A business trip that will light your fire!

During our Inspiration Journeys we take our customers’ teams (between 5 and 10) on a tour through Amsterdam or Rotterdam “Valley”. We visit start-up companies, organize fireside sessions with inspirational speakers and help you and your team capture everything in a custom reference book. Leave fully charged and ready for Day One!

3. Consulting services

Hire our experts to consult on (digital) innovation, marketing propositions, products and services (strategy) and new ways of working.